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Mohawk Nation Office (Kahnawà:ke Branch)

The Mohawk Nation Office serves as the Secretariat for the People of the Longhouse at Kahnawà:ke. It is designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of activities enacted by the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawà:ke. The Mohawk Nation Office is located adjacent to the Longhouse on Tennessee Road (Route 207).

(Geneological inquires will not be accepted nor answered).

The following Mandates, Activities, and Guidelines of the Mohawk Nation Office were passed at a General Council of the People on May 26, 1987.


The Mohawk Nation Office, Kahnawake Branch, is mandated by the People of the Longhouse to:

  • Establish facilities and to operate a secretariat with the intent of reestablishing the full functions of Nationhood.
  • Take direction from the People of the Longhouse through established procedures.
  • Ensure statements, written, and spoken, issued from the Office be with the view of creating understanding among the People of the Six Nations and other native groups, reflecting the main aims of the Great Law.
  • Cultivate and maintain a Nation to Nation relationship with other governments.
  • Maintain at the highest level of credibility and integrity of the Mohawk Nation.
  • Maintain the philosophy and principles of the Great Law and endeavor to apply them in today’s reality.

The following guidelines are intended to define the limits within which the mandates and activities can be carried out:

  • All authority, mandates, and decisions come from the People of the Longhouse.
  • The Nation Office will not exceed its given mandates, nor will it make decisions or decisions will be brought immediately to the Longhouse.
  • All major situations and decisions will be brought immediately to the Longhouse.
  • The Office is to only administer decisions of the people.
  • The Office will endeavor to inform the people before events and not “after the fact”.
  • The Office will always follow established procedures in regards to the protocol of the Longhouse.
  • The functions of the Office is to assist the Longhouse, it is not intended to replace any official position.
  • Although Office staff may attend outside meetings as observers, they cannot represent the Longhouse unless duly mandated.
  • At all times, Office staff should endeavor to reflect the best of People following the Great Law.
  • At all times, the Office and staff shall endeavor to promote harmony and understanding.
  • People should always feel welcome to visit and a reception area be kept for this purpose.
  • The Office is not benefit any one person or persons but to benefit all the People.
  • It should be known and remembered that any abuse of the mandates given to the Office may result in disciplinary action or termination of its existence.
  • Changes to the Mandate, Activities, and Guidelines may be made from time to time by the People of the Longhouse by the same procedure that sanctioned these policies.

The Nation Office shall endeavor to carry out the following activities:

  • To provide clerical services to the Chiefs, Clanmothers, Societies, Committees, and People of the Longhouse.
  • To maintain records such as: Membership, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, ID Cards, Wills, Land Transactions, Death Certificates, and any other legal documents.
  • To keep duplicate files of Clan names.
  • To maintain historical documents pertaining to the Rotinonhsón:ni.
  • To assist the people by obtaining signatures, seals, etc., for legal documents.
  • To keep accurate minutes and reports of meetings.
  • To work closely with the Wellkeeper, Clanmothers, War Chief, and all other official positions.
  • To enhance communications internally, keeping the people well informed.
  • To be aware of dates, agenda of local meetings and to attend same.
  • To enhance communications externally to other communities and Nations.
  • To monitor activities and maintain communications with the Band Council.
  • When necessary to assist the runners to notify the people of meetings.
  • To carry out research as necessary.
  • To provide public relations within the community, as well as outside.
  • To distribute information and enhancing public awareness of Nation and Confederacy positions.
  • To educate the public of the Great Law and our government.
  • To maintain the proper image of the Longhouse.
  • To report regularly to the People of the Longhouse.
  • To maintain proper financial records.
  • To act as a base of operations for projects.
  • To carry out other activities as mandated by the People of the Longhouse.

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